Hand Gesture Recognition

Leap Motion Controlled Robotic Arm

Project Overview:

The project utilises a hand gesture recognition device called Leap Motion as an input to control a robotic arm. The Leap Motion is interfaced with PC which communicates over Wi-Fi with a Raspberry Pi, connected to the robotic arm. The project also involves the control of a webcam located beside the robotic arm, to provide a visual aid for remote operation of the system.

Dropbox App:

A Dropbox App stores the dynamic IP address of the Raspberry Pi. This App can be shared with multiple Dropbox accounts. The App synchronises the current IP address of the Pi with all users allowing them access to the Web App in order to control the robotic arm.

Web App:

A Web App is used to transmit commands to the Raspberry Pi and view the video stream from the webcam. The webcam streams video using an application called MJPG-streamer. It has a resolution of 640×480 pixels at twenty frames per second to aid in remote operation of the system.

Feedback System:

The OWI Robotic Arm Kit possesses no feedback from its DC motors. This gives rise to the problem of specifying rotation limits as the robotic arm is not aware of its orientation. The feedback system of this project encompasses, a button attached to the grip of the robotic arm, potentiometers which are attached to each joint of the arm, and an analogue to digital converter to read the values of the potentiometers via the Raspberry Pi.